Commounly we mentioned like best #1 Clifford Curzon-George Szells performance, and like best#2 Sviatoslav Richter-Erich Leinsdorf version, a recording that curiosly Richter in his own words hated! But times have changed and at this time there are 100 or more new recordings of this marvelluos works, and because of that the competition is very fierce to day! Which do you think are the best recordings of this works? In my case I vote for Peter Donohoe-Svetlanov with Philharmonia Orch.

like best # 1 (10/9 in “classicstoday” review), a passionate, dinamic and colourful performance, closer to Rudolf Buchbinder-Harnoncourt recording, but Buchbinder seems feeeble or timid in front to a more convincing Donohoe. In #2 my prefered is Emil Gilels-Fritz Reiner’s version, but Hans Richter Haaser-Karajan and Geza Anda-Ferenc Fricsay are also excellent versions. Which are yours?? Regards oscar.olavarria

We are very fortunate to have an abundance of recordings from all recording periods to trace and chase. Since these two works are some of the most complex, demanding, multifold, profound concertos for Piano, there cannot possibly be a definitive recording or performance. However, some notable ones could be the following (apart from the ones mentioned above):

-For both concertos, one of the two recordings with Kovacevich, probably the one with C. Davis, re-issued by Newton. Very fine and refined performances, more than decent recordings.

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